Oil Industry Update: Former MP Gebran Bassil Press Conference

The social media discussion around the oil industry moved slightly on Monday following the former minister and MP Gebran Bassil press conference. 

Engagement Volume

A day following the conference, #جبران_باسيل and #هيلا_هيلا_هو continue to trend with the first reaching 10k tweets. Meanwhile the discussion related to the industry didn't exceed the daily average, reaching 1,732 tweets from 767 users over the past three days.

Bassil statement on the political role in the oil issue received the highest number of engagements with 54 comments, 149 retweets, and 716 reactions.

Lebanese Forces Tony Abi Najem's reaction to Bassil conference was the third most engaging tweet over the weekend with 9 comments, 40 retweets, and 426 reactions.

The rest of reactions were mostly targeting FPM and their ministers for their role in the "cover up".

Mentions of BBE

Distribution of engagements

The 70 minutes of the press conference saw a total of 775 tweets, but it was the first time mentions of BBE reached an all time high with 163 tweets from 95 users.

The conversation related to BBE seems to focus further on the BBE role and relation with Syria Assad family, along with the relation with Siniora.

Furthermore, digital activists continue to circulate a screenshot of the news related to the AUB honorary event attended by different politicians.