Qatar: Chatter Report

Notable chatter related to Qatar for April 07, 2020.

  • The story about FIFA Bribery Case against former Fox Exces was first reported by Law360 Zach Zagger who focused on Fox Exces and didn't mention Qatar or Russia in his coverage.
  • NYT Tarik Panja was the second to receive the link of the indictment, however the article in the NYT wasn't published until after 11 hours.
  • Tarik focus on covering Russia news, so Qatar seem as collateral damage.
  • The FIFA report isn't yet picked by local arab media except for a report  published by Youm7 and Independent Arabia. (France24 Arabic covered the story earlier.)
  • The tweet of Qatar former Prime Minister resulted in major reaction from Saudis over the past 24 hours, however the reaction seems to be limited to social accounts without any escalation.
  • Worth to note, a group of Saudi tweeps work on monitoring the actions of all influencers and instantly start campaigns targeting those if the mention any shortage of food or long queues at the grocery stores.
  • Saudi Press Agency ran multiple report today to highlight the availability of food and all other products across Saudi markets.

Notable Tweets