@watchomacallit Activities

Upon the request of the client, we traced the activities of Instagram account @whatchomacallit.

The account is private, it currently follows of 860 accounts, and have 364 posts.

Using the raw data, we were able to trace a few engagements made earlier by the account, including the posts below.

The account activities go in pattern with the account of @ritaemansour. However, there is no concrete evidence that links Rita to the ownership of @watchomacallit, keeping the options open that someone from her entourage run it.

Rita Mansour is a TV Producer, and journalist covering entertainment and fashion.

Earlier in 2019, the account had engaged with fashion posts including this of Today's Outlook World covering events in Lebanon, and LA.

Before October 2019, the account engaged with Ghana Harb Conor, a social media influencer and owner of the Today Outlook World magazine.

Before October 2019, the account engaged with Film Maker Ruba Zaarour, who worked in the same company (MTV Lebanon) of Rita Mansour.

Before October 2019, the account engaged with Guitta Harb.

The two accounts used the same combination of hashtags (#no_more_taxes #استعادة_الاموال_المنهوبة) on October 17, 2019.

The account share some engagement and hashtags combination with @theemptysaucer. However, the timing pattern doesn't match.


Commented #no_more_taxes #استعادة_الاموال_المنهوبة on Friday, 18 October 2019
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