Notable chatter related to Banks in Lebanon

While usual reports cover last 24 hours, today report cover from Monday 4 pm and until Tuesday 8 pm.

Tweet volume and relative sentiment over the past 28 hours.

As expected and reported earlier, an unprecedented escalation in chatter against the banks happened today.

The conversation reached an all-time high with 3.6k tweets recorded, including 2k retweets (54%) and 530 replies (15%).

The peak was at 12:22 pm with a new video emerging showing an old gentleman asking for his funds and the bank manager dealing with it unprofessionally (as seen by social media users).

It was noticeable that many accounts were defending the banks' employees saying they are suffering from the limits, just like any other citizen.

The second wave was in the afternoon following a video showing a fight that broke in one of Blom bank branches in Tripoli.

69% of the tweets originated from Beirut, North Lebanon 10%, Beqaa 8%, Mount Lebanon 5%, South Lebanon 4%, and 3% from Nabatiyah. Banks currently dominate approximately 8-9% of the total chatter we captured from Lebanon.

Along with the videos, three rumours dominated the conversation:
- Marwan Iskandar interview and article in Al Qabas
- SGBL closing one of its branches in Beqaa
- Fransabank reducing the limit to 50$ per week

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