🚨Escalation on #مش_دافعين campaign

The use of the hashtag #مش_دافعين started earlier this week by a group of activists targeting the government taxes and did standup in front of EdL before.

The group is planning a moving against the banks starting this Friday, along with a sit-in in front of BdL. The sit-in is expected to start on Saturday, and along with, they will start a social campaign advising people not to pay their loans.

The escalation is lead by the same group that did sit-ins at the CIB (Central Inspection Board), Chamber of Commerce, and continue to demonstrate in front of BdL.

The first call of action is against Bank Audi headquarters in Bab Idris. We expect between 30 and 45 persons to join the sit-in, and although this kind of activists doesn't usually use the live streaming feature of the social media, they do have mobiles to document any action. Hence we recommend no use of force unless started by the activist.

While the bank security firm can provide better situation assessment, it is worth to note that asking the ISF to remove or arrest them might lead to more media coverage.

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