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While Qatar media prepared special Programing to mark the two years on the siege, and the foreign minister gave several interviews, users on social media kept their engagement minimal, but strong enough for the topic to trend.

🇶🇦 German WDR released a film highlighting the "human cost" of 2022 World Cup. The reporter used a hidden camera to capture footage of the "real living conditions" stating the government of Qatar controlled and approved the areas they are allowed to film in.

🇦🇪 Al Arabiya dedicated extensive coverage around Al Jazeera Washington Examiner report focusing on the ownership by "The Emir of Stae of Qatar".

🇯🇴 Jordan media claimed the Saudi authorities are going to release Salman al-Ouda along with other clerics.

🇾🇪 The Houthi claimed they downed a drone in Al Sadith area.

🇱🇾 Sputnik reported that the Libyan Army downed a Turkish drone south of Tripoli.

🇸🇦 Users on social media shared screenshots of text messages from STC showing discounts to calls to Sudan. However, these might be part of a year-long offering for none residents.

Social Media

Yesterday, Twitter users created 242k tweets, including 119k  (49%) retweets and 45k (19%) replies. The majority of the tweets 71% came from males. Half  (51%) of the tweets were in Arabic, 40% in English, 2% in Tagalog, and 2% in Urdu.

Today, Twitter users created 239.8k tweets, including 111k  (46%) retweets and 47.9k (20%) replies. The majority of the tweets 63% came from males. Half  (52%) of the tweets were in Arabic, 39% in English, 2% in Tagalog, and 1% Urdu.

Although the majority of the trends today were related to the siege, the topic dominated less than 2% of the total conversation in Qatar.

The siege is mentioned in 20k tweets, including 16k (80%) retweets. The majority of posts including pictures of the Emir and the air show that took place yesterday in Dukhan area.

During the friendly game between Qatar and Brazil, the hashtag #البرازيل_قطر trended, generating 3.5k tweets, including 1k retweets (31%).

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