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Social media users in Qatar continue to upraise their Emir, while users in Saudi Arabia appear to be in a truce with Qatar focusing instead of Iran.


🇦🇪 Sky News and Al Arabiya along with almost news platforms gave increased coverage for Bolton visit reporting instant updates.

🇶🇦 International Media, especially the ones with Arabic sections, published one or more stories to cover the news of Qatar representation to the GCC summit.

🇶🇦 Few Twitter accounts with location set to Qatar claimed there is a wave of increased anger between Qatar citizens against the teenager action taken by Tamim adding that hashtags such as "الشعب_يبايع_تميم_المجد" are part of the cover-up tactics.

🇧🇭 According to the chatter over the past two days, there is an increase in security checkpoints around Sitra along with few reported arrests.

🇾🇪 Houthi media claimed the three summits are being held in Mekka due to fear of the Yemeni ballistic missiles adding that neither the king nor MBS can guarantee security.

🇸🇦 Social media users in Saudi Arabia praised the kingdom "diplomatic" move in showing the Iranian drones and missiles used by Al Houthi.

🇸🇦 There is a focus among Saudi political influencers on a Qatari role against the Arabs of Ahwaz.

🇮🇷 British media reported that Facebook has shut down a few Iranian based pages speaking in Arabic and targeting Saudi citizens.

🇶🇦 Qataris used the news of the Qatari flight to Saudi Arabia as a victory round, praising the power of their Emir, and wishing him good luck.

🇸🇦 The Saudis replied negatively to Mohammad alSowaidi tweet announcing he is part of the Qatari delegation to the summits.

Social Media

Twitter users created 231k tweets, including 102k  (44%) retweets and 48k (21%) replies. The majority of the tweets 67% came from males. Nearly half  (46%) of the tweets were in Arabic, 41% in English, 4% in Urdu, 2% in Tagalog, and 1% in Tamil.

The hashtag that started yesterday during the hashtag war between Qataris and Saudis continued to trend all day long, generating a total of 3453 tweets.

72% of the tweets using the hashtag originated from Qatar, 9% from Saudi Arabia, 6% from London, 3% from the United Arab Emirates, and 2% from Yemen.

The hashtag is used in less than 1% of all tweets coming from Qatar, with the many posting pictures of Qatar emir and the royal family.

The hashtag trended briefly in Qatar but remained to trend for over 4 hours in Saudi Arabia. With none of the 1600 tweets originated from Qatar, most probably Twitter trended the hashtag in Qatar before realising, there was no engagement.

87% of the tweets originated from Saudi Arabia, with some tweets against the hashtag, stating the two nations are one country, and others posting reminders about the importance of the guardians.

#اطلب_من_رفيق: Rafeeq is a food delivery mobile app. Users were upraising the initiative on being pure Qatari.
180 tweets worldwide; 110 tweets from Qatar

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