GCC Round-Up

The ‘Russia investigation’ is set to go global, with prosecutors unveiling Middle Eastern countries’ attempts to influence U.S. politics in 2019. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate is set to resume ending American support for Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen’s with a vote on the measure this afternoon.

GCC Round-Up

Top Stories on Qatar and GCC

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U.S Senate Vote

Yesterday vote to proceed with a joinst resolution was led by Senator  Sanders, with votes ending with 60 Yeas and 39 Nays with Senator Tills choosing not to vote.

Yeas: Baldwin, Bennet, Blumenthal, Booker, Brown, Cantwell, Cardin, Carper, Casey, Cassidy, Collins, Coons, Cortez Masto, Crapo, Daines, Donnelly, Duckworth, Durbin, Feinstein, Flake, Gillibrand, Harris, Hassan, Heinrich, Heitkamp, Hirono, Jones, Kaine, King, Klobuchar, Leahy, Lee, Manchin, Markey, McCaskill, Menendez, Merkley, Moran, Murkowski, Murphy, Murray, Nelson, Paul, Peters, Reed, Risch, Sanders, Schatz, Schumer, Shaheen, Smith, Stabenow, Tester, Udall, Van Hollen, Warner, Warren, Whitehouse, Wyden, Young

Nays: Alexander, Barrasso, Blunt, Boozman, Burr, Capito, Corker, Cornyn, Cotton, Cruz, Enzi, Ernst, Fischer, Gardner, Graham, Grassley, Hatch, Heller, Hoeven, Hyde-Smith, Inhofe, Isakson, Johnson, Kennedy, Kyl, Lankford, McConnell, Perdue, Portman, Roberts, Rounds, Rubio, Sasse, Scott, Shelby, Sullivan, Thune, Toomey, Wicker