GCC Round Up: 5 April 2019

GCC media round up for 5 April 2019.

Notes from the past 24 hours:

  • The New York Times article yesterday draw a lot of attention today. With tweets from Startfort Ryan Bohl (retweeted by Stratfor), and late tweet by Baker Institute quoting their fellow Kristian Ulrichsen.
  • Washington Institute fellow Elana DeLozier tweeted about Somali Press giving her journalist follower a reminder take the appropriate caveats given the story source "Qatar-linked Arabi21".
  • Saudi media focused on CNN Security Experts with ties to Qatar. This affected the chatter as can be seen in today chatter report.
  • International and regional media (Bloomberg, CNN, Press TV, The Times of Israel, Haaretz ...) reported on Saudi Nuclear Reactor development. Stratfor release situation report on the same.
  • Saudi $1 Billion grant to Iraq was not covered in international media despite multiple report by Reuters.
  • Opening of Saudi consulate in Baghdad received better coverage with Fox News reporting first on the story.
  • Reports of Iraqi request to have access to detainee they have in Saudi was only reported in Iranian media.
  • Qatar Ambassador to the US had a busy start of the tweet with two radio interviews that didn't create any media hype.
  • The New Arab has been promoting one single story on anti-LGBT law in Lebanon for the past two days.  Al Jazeera also had one story related to hand crafted soap.
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