A campaign ahead of Qatar Emir White House Meeting

Days ahead of Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad visit to the white house, a coordinated media campaign is promoting for Trump to school Qatar.

Unlike the typical unorganised social media-driven campaign, it seems the Saudis along with the Emirates have unleashed a new, more effective tactic in their media war.

Over the past few days, journalist and media outlets started publishing stories against Qatar and promoting the idea of "Qatar funding of terrorism".

Analysing the news of the first week of July 2019, Bloomberg "Qatar's $200 Billion Dash to World Cup Hits a Construction Cliff"dominated discussions between Journalists reaching an almost 94k person through 8 different journalists.

The most shared article was Mediaite "Qatar Sponsors War, Hate, Terror, and … Politico Playbook!" which as shared over 600 times, reaching almost 1,5m user across social networks.

Social Media

Some outlets like Al Arabiya and Arab News tried to recycle news such as the DIFC court case decision.

Mention of Qatar on Twitter in the United States.

The social media approach also seems to be very similar to recycling with users and journalists posting articles dating back to 2017.

Below is a selection of tweets that highlight some practices.

Note: While working on this report, the hashtag "#July9_Terrorist_Prince_inthe_WhiteHouse" is being pushed by Saudi bots.