Twitter Chatter: Saudi Budget Announcement

On the surface, the Saudis seem to be celebrating their biggest budget ever, but real data show they are pessimistic and concerned for their future.

Like any other event, Twitter is the primary platform for Saudis to express their opinion. The chatter started on Tuesday evening following the announcement and continued through Wednesday.

The budget is the largest in the history of Saudi Arabia, with a major decrease in spending on military and education, with increases in spending on municipalities and local governments showing focus on improving community and services development.

General Overview

This is what’s usually delivered through standard reporting tools, similar to what we used to report. It is a general overview of the topic.

Similar to other events, the majority of the activity was just retweets but this time there was an increase in number of replies.

General sentiment when counting all tweets shows the Saudis as welcoming the budget with no compliments.

General Chatter about Saudi Budget
General Chatter Distribution
General Chatter Sentiment and Top Hashtags
General Chatter Sentiment

Qualitative Chatter

This report is based on SOS. SOS eliminate noises, and offer a clear insight into the conversation. A few key points you should know about SOS:

- SOS eliminates the noise using machine learning, the logic in deciding authentic account from fake was gained through A.I. training, there are no “thumb” rules.
- SOS doesn't believe in neutral sentiment. Using AI, the system believes each sentence might carry a level of positivity and negativity. We have seen cases where SOS prefer to deal with additional sentiments such as happiness, anger, frustration, but we don't expose this data yet, nor do we allow it to affect our insights.
- SOS was developed with hashtags into considerations, sometimes they are considered part of a sentence.
- SOS use multiple signals in processing and analyzing the data. News, weather, social activities, location, traffic and time are a sample of the signals.

Qualitative Chatter Sentiment Over Time
Total Qualitative Chatter Sentiment

What did people complaint about?

كهرباء,ماء,محروقات,اسعار,مرتفعة,ضرائب,زيادة,دعم,العجز,زد,عجز,مستقر,تمديد,استدامة,التلوث,تخفيف,آمن,نمو,العناق were among the top words people tweeted about.

It was noticeable that even people who were previously tweeting in support on MBS were complaining about the economic situation this time.

Note: We don’t use or follow a hashtag or a user. Instead of indicate a topic and leave the rest to the OS.