Saudi Arabia release Qatari Citizen Ahmed Mukbel

On Friday morning, Saudi Arabia released Qatari citizen Ahmed Khaled Mukbel after being detained “unlawfully” by the authorities for over a year.

Saudi Arabia release Qatari Citizen Ahmed Mukbel

The news was first reported by a tweet from Ali bin Samikh Al Marri, chairman of the Qatar National Human Rights Committee.

Al Arab, a local Qatari newspaper, reported the news on Saturday's issue quoting Al Marri press release without providing any additional details.


A picture was circulated on Twitter by Friday evening  claiming to show Ahmed, but we were not able to confirm its authenticity. The same tweet also claims that the released detainee has n’t reached Qatar yet.

Who is Ahmed Khaled Mukbel
Ahmed is one of four Qataris who were detained in Saudi Arabia following the 2017 diplomatic crisis.

Unlike the three other individuals who remain arrested, there is little to no information known about Ahmed, his arrest date, and any legal proceedings that followed his arrest.

The only mention we were able to track was back in October 2018 in a press release by Salam International Organization.

Media Coverage
Qatar based and funded platforms covered the story, sticking to what was provided in the press release of Qatar Human Rights Committee.

We believe the lack of background information prevented international platforms from covering the story. The story is shared among BBC journalists, but we expect that if any coverage takes place, it will be after confirmation that Ahmed has reached Qatar.

On social media, the topic didn’t capture the interests, generating a total of 130 mentions over the past 24 hours.

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