A Closer Look on #QatarNationalDay

As Qatar celebrated its National Day, we took a closer look at the reaction in social media.

A Closer Look on #QatarNationalDay

Qataris chose to celebrate #QatarNationalDay2018 with several hashtags including #QatarWillRemainFree (قطر_ستبقى_حرة#), #December18 (١٨_ديسمبر#).

It was noticiable the amount of engagment Qatar Emir @TamimBinHamad received on his Twitter account, generating a little over 12k mention (including retweets) during the day.

Saudis and Kuwaitis React

Some Saudis welcomed the Qataris celebration after some users in Qatar posted videos showing the Saudi Arabia flag among celebrators.

Kuwaitis were the second most engaging users in sending their wishes to the Qataris.

U.S. Joins the Celebration

U.S. Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires of the United States in Qatar William Grant joined the trend by posting several videos, including one showing Qatar Emir Tamim Bin Hamad celebrating with a traditional dance during the parade.

The U.S. Embassy followed the tweet of Williams with a dedicated tweet celebrating the military partnership between the two countries.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Qatar Dana Smith also tweeted celebrating Qatar's national day. Her tweet drew positive feedback from Qataris (welcoming her back) and some criticism from others.

Qatar Leaks Activity

There was an icreased activity from @QatarLeaks during the day, however their engagement levels remained minimal.