Saudis on behalf of Qataris Against Normalisation - #قطريون_ضد_التطبيع

Following the news of Israeli national anthem playing in Qatar during the 12th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup taking place in Doha, Qataris took to Twitter to express their views against normalising the relation with Israel.

The news was first reported on March 22ed by @IsraelArabic and was picked up 24 hours after by Al Arabiya, with The Jerusalem Post reporting the same on the 25th.

The tweet generated 1.33M views and 4k retweets.

On Twitter, the first use of #قطريون_ضد_التطبيع was by the twitter account of Qatar Youth Against Normalisation - @QAYON. Iman - @Emaanny was the second (1 minute after @QAYON) to use the hashtag, and Maryam Al Hajri - @MariamA1Hajri was the third (16 minutes after @QAYON) to use the hashtag, and changed her name on Twitter to include the hashtag.

@QAYON is active on Twitter since March 2011, with 10,978 tweets (average 2.81 tweets per day; 33% retweets; 17% replies). The account collected 2,456 retweets and 2401 favourites since January 2019.

@Emaaanny is active on Twitter since January 2012, with 20,767 tweets (average 32 tweets per day; 13% retweets; 53% replies). The account collected 474 retweets, and 1077 favourites since January 2019.

@MariamA1Hajri is active on Twitter since January 2010 but didn't get active until early 2018 with 3,203 tweets (average 0.41 tweets per day; 14% retweets; 58% replies). The account collected 1,798 retweets and 2,904 favourites since January 2019.

Saudi Majority, Qatari Trend

Due to the small number of active Twitter users in Doha, it is easy for any hashtag mentioning Qatar to become a Twitter trend. Twitter is not clear on their algorithms for the trends but there were several cases in which less than 500 tweets can result in a trend in Qatar.

Data from the past 24 hours, shows only 23% of the tweets originated from Qatar, and 39% originating from Saudi Arabia.
23% Doha, Qatar
20% Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia
11% Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
5% Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
4% Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4% Cairo, Egypt
3% Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
3% Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
3% Chicago, United States
2% Beirut, Lebanon
2% Madrid, Spain
2% Atlanta, United States
2% New York, United States

Notable Tweets