Bin Salman at #G20Argentina

The world watch the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman attend G20 Meeting with coup threats in Riyadh, global condemnation for the killing of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi and calls for investigating war crimes in Yemen.

Saudi media widely covered the attendance of Prince Mohmmad Bin Salman at the G20 taking place in Argentina, with no mention of the on going calls for investigation potential war crimes.

The Daily Mail report on the crown prince moving troops following news of potential coup took lead on social media with 3.7k share.

Saudi Crown Prince 'moves troops to Riyadh' after coup warning

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia reportedly reshuffled troops and military assets Troops have been moved to Riyadh, allegedly in response to threats of a coup Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is attending G-20 meeting in Argentina Dissident Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud said opposition wants to unseat MBS Prince Khalid

Putin energetic high-five with the crown prince gave the international media the moment they were looking for.

Putin enthusiastically high-fived the Saudi crown prince at the G20 summit

Russia's Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman are both in Argentina to attend the G20 summit. They enthusiastically greeted each other when they met up. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman enthusiastically high-fived each other when they met up in Argentina on Friday.

The Saudis found their social media material from the same with Al Jazeera presenter questioning who is going to handshake the prince moments earlier, resulting in 7k+ retweet.

Macron #FactCheck Moment  

The second most engaging tweet is an exchange originally shared by the office manager of the crown prince @badermasaker. The exchange was transcribed by Saudis to show Macron apologising, with all other international media reaching a different transcript with the French president Macron telling the crown prince "You never listen to me..." and "I am worried..".

Following the stories, it was noticed that all videos shared by Bader Al Asaker were without audio.

French president Macron at G20 laments 'You never listen to me' in talk with Saudi leader

A clearly-irked French President Emmanuel Macron was heard telling Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman "you never listen to me" in a video captured during a break in the ongoing G20 summit Friday. The comments were made during a private conversation between the two leaders about the murder of Saudi activist Jamal Khashoggi and the political crisis in Yemen, a French official told Reuters.

On social media, only Saudis care #CrownPrinceInG20

Distribution of tweets using #CrownPrinceInG20

Twitter trend show Saudis engaging using the hashtag #CrownPrinceInG20.

274,275 Tweets
32,741 Original Tweet (11.8% Of Total)
241,612 Retweets (88% Of Total)
1,200 replies
21% Female
79% Male

Top Cities
69% Unset, KSA
38% Riyadh, KSA
20% Jeddah, KSA
5% Mecca, KSA
3%Dhahran, KSA
2%Medina, KSA
1%Dubai, UAE
1%London, UK
1%Abu Dhabi, UAE

The majority of the tweets came with positive sentiment. However 36% of the accounts used to tweet are assosisated with bots.

Sentiment Analysis for #CrownPrinceInG20

Most Shared Media

محمد بن سلمان.. حضور أخرس الأبواق المأجورة

محمد بن سلمان.. حضور أخرس الأبواق المأجورة

ولي العهد يعقد لقاءات مع قادة الدول على هامش مشاركته في قمة العشرين

موفد الإخبارية من أمام مقر انعقاد قمة العشرين يطلعنا على آخر الاستعدادات

للتواصل تويتر @alekhbariyatv

سكاي نيوز عربية-الآن @SkyNewsArabia_B

Qataris doesn't engage

It is clear the engagement from Qatar is very minimal. For instance, the official hashtag #G20Argentina has a little less 100 tweet. Alternateively #CrownPrinceInG20 has 450 tweet, including 315 retweets.

The sentiment in Qatar was primarly negative, and focused on the the comments of the French president.  

Sentiment Analysis for #CrownPrinceInG20 For Tweets Originating From Qatar

The world engage on #G20Argentina

Distribution of tweets using #G20Argentina

Out of Saudi, the world followed the summit on #G20Argentina with 37% also included #CrownPrinceInG20.

At it is peak, there was 370 tweet per minute, generating a total of 155k tweets including 133k retweets

Top Cities
19% Unset, KSA
17% Buenos Aires, AR
15% The River Plate, AR
10% Riyadh, KSA
5% Jeddah, KSA
3% Córdoba, AR
2% Rosario, AR
2% Washington, USA
2% Mecca, KSA
2% Mendoza, AR

The majority of the engagment out of Saudi Arabia was negative, with President Donald Trump receiving the highest amount of engagement.

Sentiment Analysis for #G20Argentina