The Saudis Celebrate The Release Of Dual Citizen Nawaf al-Rasheed

Following the news of the release of the Saudi Qatari citizen Nawaf al-Rasheed, Twitter media users used #نواف_طلال_الرشيد to express their views.

According to Amnesty, Nawaf al-Rasheed hold both Saudi and Qatari citizenship, he was arbitrarily arrested in Kuwait on 12 May while in Kuwait International Airport. al-Rasheed arrived from Qatar on the 9th of May to attend a social gathering in his honour.  Following the news of his arrest his name trended in the period between the 7th of May and 3rd June 2018.

The news of his release was first announced on Twitter by Prisoners of Conscience - @m3takl.

Trend in Qatar

The hashtag trended yesterday in Saudi Arabia, and continue to trend today in Qatar generating more than 47k tweets and 34k retweets (72%).

78% of the tweets originated from Saudi Arabia, with each of Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Turkey contributing 2%.

Distribution of tweets using #نواف_طلال_الرشيد
Volume and relative sentiments of Tweets using #نواف_طلال_الرشيد