Qatar TV Celebrate Battle of Khafji

Qatar TV celebrated the Battle of Khafi on Wednesday airing a special documentary highlighting the role of Qatar's army in winning back the Saudi city.

According to Wikipedia, The Battle of Khafji was the first major ground engagement of the Persian Gulf War. It took place in and around the Saudi Arabian city of Khafji from 29 January to 1 February 1991 and marked the culmination of the Coalition's air campaign over Kuwait and Iraq, which began on 17 January 1991.

Global tweets on battle of Khafji

The battle, which was previously covered in Battlefield Diaries with a dedicated 23 minutes episode that aired in 2005 focusing on how the Saudis wanted to lead the offense, with no mention of Qatar's armed forces role.

The documentary failed to reach Saudi's, contributing to less than 1% of the total Twitter chatter during the same period, compared to 12% in Qatar, generating a global total of 19k tweets, including 16k retweets and 1.8k replies.

Global tweets on battle of Khafji

Reaction in Saudi Arabia

With 46% of the tweets coming from Saudi Arabia (Qatar: 28%; United Arab Emirates 6%; Yemen: 2%), the Saudis were quick in their reaction undermining the role of Qatar and mimicking it is role.