Following the announcement made the Qatar Ministry of Defence after a meeting held with Azmi Bishara, the trend #AzmiLeadsQatarArmy trended on Twitter.

The hashtag generated 3,8k tweets including 2.7 retweet and 24 reply. 3% of the tweets originated from Qatar, with 71% originating from Saudi and 11% from United Arab Emirates.

Tweets Count with their relative sentiment

First tweet with the hashtag

The first tweet was posted 15 hours following the announcement made by ministry of defence at 9:07pm from Omar Alhajiri who describe himself as Qatari, however his Twitter account shows resistance to the Qatar royal family with indications that his family didn’t receive the Qatari nationality.

The first tweet received minimal engagement

However few minutes later, the hashtag was being picked up by Saudis.

First tweet with the hashtag from a Saudi account

Other accounts with Qatar set as a location continued to engage, below are the first top tweets.

Most Retweeted

@m_altayer has retweed Saud Al Qahtani over 493 times (7% of his total tweets).
@KKSA2030 has quoted Al Jazeera over 147 times and mentioned Qatar in 2% of his tweets. 
@aasaa_2030 Joined Twitter 8 month ago and had his followers increase by thousands over several days. (an indication he purchased followers, or the account is part of managed accounts farm).

Ministry of Defence Tweet

The ministry of defence was already receiving a major number of replies when it was  first posted on 6 January at 6:34pm.

Azmi Beshara is always mentioned

Mentions of Azmi Beshara over the past 2 weeks.

It might be one of few times where Azmi Beshara name is part of the Hashtag itself. Our data shows he was mentioned over 20k (102k if we count retweets) times in the past 2 weeks.

Most tweets originated from Saudi Arabia (73%) followed by United Arab Emirates (9%) and Egypt (4%), leaving a little than 1% for Qatar.

Orgin of tweets mentioning Azmi Beshara over the past 2 weeks.